• AmeriCares

    Medical Director Dr. Frank Bia, with recovering fistula patient and her baby in Tanzania
    Funded Project:
  • Angaza

    Pay-As-You-Go energy products to enable people off-the-Grid
    Funded Project:
  • Echoing Green

    Unleashing your talent to solve the world's biggest problems
    Funded Project:
  • Funded Project:

    Green Corps

    Training environmental activists to mount successful campaigns
  • 10x10

    Educate Girls, Change the World
    Funded Project:
  • Southside Land Trust

    Helping communities grow healthy
    Funded Project:
Founded in 2011, the Godley Family Foundation seeks to support innovative ideas and established projects that improve the health and well-being of residents in New England and developing countries.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create positive change in people’s lives by supporting

effective, replicable, innovative solutions and collaborative efforts

that address health and environmental issues.

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