• AmeriCares

    Medical Director, Dr. Frank Bia, with recovering fistula patient and her and her baby in Tanzania
    Funded Project:
  • Angaza

    Pay-As-You-Go energy products to enable people off-the-Grid
    Funded Project:
  • 10x10

    Educate Girls, Change the World
    Funded Project:
  • Southside Land Trust

    Helping communities to grow healthy
    Funded Project:
  • Echoing Green

    Unleashing your talent to solve the world's biggest problems
    Funded Project:
  • Funded Project:

    Green Corps

    Training environmental activists to successful campaigns
Founded in 2011, the Godley Family Foundation seeks to support innovative ideas and established projects that improve the health and well-being of residents in New England and developing countries.

Geographic Focus

Our focus is on regions where our family has a connection and on parts of the developing world that have the most need.

Our approach to Grant-making

We hope to do more than simply write a check. We hope to provide useful, active support and engaged dialogue with our grantees. We will do our due-diligence as we seek prospective grant-making opportunities and expect grant recipients to provide routine reporting and measures of success in return.

Focus Areas


With a particular interest in preventive strategies and projects that address health
issues before individuals are sick and have become a burden on the health system.
For example: education about nutrition and providing healthy food access.


With an emphasis on projects and programs that have synergies with health promoting
projects. For example: creating a commuter bike path that allows people to be more
active and helps cut CO2 emissions.

Populations of Interest

  • Under-served individuals
  • People living in poverty
  • Children and Youth

We are seeking projects that are thinking about long-term impact and feasibility, that work with locally-available resources
whenever possible, and incorporate self-sustaining mechanisms and strategies. Jay Novacek Jersey