Credit excludes the majority of the world’s poor. MyAgro has proven smallholder farmers can finance themselves if they have the right tool to save. myAgro’s Mobile Layaway helps farmers save little by little to buy seeds, fertilizer and training using what they already have — their mobile phone.

In the long-term, myAgro envisions its model for change spurring structural shifts in two arenas: how governments and multilaterals fund the agricultural sector, and how the financial inclusion sector provides services to smallholder farmers.

When myAgro can demonstrate the power of mobile layaway to serve farmers and the bottom of the pyramid, there will be a major disruption in traditional antipoverty strategies for the sector at large. When financing is self-directed from smallholder farmers themselves, it is, by definition, sustainable. The market will react to this unlocked capital by providing better and more useful services or products

photos courtesy of myAgro