The Godley Family Foundation’s mission is to create positive change in people’s lives by supporting effective, replicable, innovative solutions and collaborative efforts that address health and environmental issues.

In the health sector, we are particularly focused on addressing the needs of underserved populations and we believe that empowering women and girls is one key aspect to improving health both in the United States and in developing countries. Examples of strategic partners in the health sector include Americares, Care Message and Integrate Health.

In the environmental sector, we are interested in supporting transformative social entrepreneurs who are utilizing innovative technology and information platforms to address climate change. Some of our key global strategic partners to date have included Echoing Green, OpenAQ and Solstice Initiative.

The Godley Family Foundation recognizes that the global challenges of quality health care and climate change are interconnected with issues of poverty, food systems, inequality, peace and justice. We are committed to partnering with global change makers to work collectively to achieve the ambitious UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.