Innovative Solutions To Global Problems


The Godley Family Foundation recognizes that the global challenges of quality health care and climate change are interconnected with issues of poverty, food systems, gender equity, peace and justice. We are committed to partnering with global changemakers to work on systemic changes necessary to achieve the ambitious UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our priority funding areas generally fall into the following categories: Global Health, Climate Action, Women and Girls, and Rhode Island/New England. 

Global Health 

In the health sector, we are particularly focused on increasing access to care, and building strong, effective and resilient health systems to meet the needs of underserved populations. Our partners in this area:

  • Support the expansion of Community Health Worker programs to deliver primary health care in hard to reach areas;
  • Promote timely access to health information through innovative technology platforms;
  • Strengthen health systems through evidence-based training and education;
  • Promote the intersection of community health, health care and environmental sustainability. 

Examples of strategic partners in the health sector include Americares, Last Mile Health, SEED Global Health, and Care Message

Climate Action

We are interested in supporting transformative social entrepreneurs who are working to mitigate or adapt to the global threat of climate change. In particular, we are focused on organizations that:

  • Utilize innovative technology and information platforms to address climate change; 
  • Promote the intersection of community health and environmental sustainability; 
  • Support sustainable agriculture and the people who rely on them for their livelihoods;
  • Promote grassroots-led efforts to protect the planet and the rights of people most impacted by climate change;
  • Promote environmental justice and seek to include the voices of those most affected by environmental harms.

Some of our key global strategic partners to date have included Blue Ventures, Health Care Without Harm, Earth Enable and Sanergy

Women and Girls

We believe that empowering women and girls is one key aspect to improving health and impacting communities both in the United States and in developing countries. In this area we are interested in supporting organizations that:

  • Advance health education so families are healthy and able to work;
  • Increase access to healthcare, particularly for pregnant women and children; 
  • Reduce maternal and child mortality in severely resource-limited settings;
  • Promote gender-focused entrepreneurship and sustainable ways of earning a living.

Some of our partners in this area include: BOMA Project, Integrate Health, and Living Goods.

Rhode Island/New England

The Godley Family Foundation works in partnership with the Rhode Island Foundation and other partners to support a range of organizations in our local community.